705 Misty Island 7mm Vinyl Plank

705 Misty Island – Woden Flooring Vinyl 7 Diamond Collection

Product Details:

Product #705 Misty Island
Structure 5.5mm+1.5mm XPE
Dimensions 180 (7″) x 1524 (60″) x 7mm
Veneer Thickness 0.5mm/20mil
Sq feet per box 17.72 SQFT/BOX
Installation options On, above, or below grade

Discover our 7 collection of SPC vinyl. This modern collection is suited for residential and commercial installation and offers a durable 0.5mm wear layer. This collection comes with extra thick vinyl planks and a 1.5mm XPE under pad for superior performance. Offering a wide selection of colors, constructed from safe and quality material, the Vinyl 7 collection is best suited for light commercial use and basements.


Most vinyl products come with accessories manufactured with matching colors and textures for seamless design integration.

$3.59 per sq ft $2.99 per sq ft

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